Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ultimate Questions: Dunkins or Starbucks?

    As I go to the mall and off of Endicott's campus for the first time in a few weeks, I initially think of one thing that I have to get, coffee. During my high school years I would get iced coffee about one or two times a day, every day. It was usually Dunkin Donuts bright and early before school started, but occasionally I would stop at Starbucks for my all-time favorite, caramel Frappuccino, mostly on Fridays to treat myself. Dunkins iced coffee was good, it was cheap and it was something I was accustomed with. Starbucks was classy, it was expensive, but when I would take a sip of an iced coffee or Frappuccino, I knew it was worth the money and it made me feel sophisticated. So the question is, is Starbucks worth the $5 delicious drinks, when you can get your average joe coffee at Dunkin Donuts for about $2?

    Well, there are many positive aspects of both Dunkins and Starbucks, but there are also negative aspects of both. Let’s start with the negatives. Dunkin Donuts can for the most part be very unreliable. It's 7am, and all I want is my caramel swirl iced coffee with just milk, BUT (shocker) they have given me no caramel swirl and accomplished the task of making my coffee taste as bad as orange juice after brushing you teeth, c'mon people! There goes my day... Or it's 7pm, I just want an iced coffee on my way home from the gym to get me through my homework... I get home and taste my coffee, its burnt.. GREAT, well now I definitely can't do my homework and it looks like I'm going to be watching Jersey Shore all night, to cheer myself up. As you can tell Dunkins cannot be trusted for quality coffee. I would get the coffee coolata (how can they mess that up), but I think I'll pass on the 400 calories in a small. Now, let’s talk about Starbucks. It's Friday and I am on the road to Starbucks (a good 20 minutes away from my house, but so worth it), and I just notice I only have four bucks... oh crap Frappuccino’s are $4.85, ugh. The prices are ridiculous, but it's just so good and I know you may think a lot of calories but a Grande lite only 140, hell yes I will take it. But should I really spend this money on a medium frapp, when 1. The size of a Starbucks medium is the size of a Dunkins small and 2. I could really be spending my money on something important like 2 Dunkins iced coffees. Also, the coffee is a little strong for me and I know because of the strength I will be walking around with the beautiful coffee breath that scares even little puppies away. 

    So, we can both agree that both of the coffee shops have their negatives, but now let’s get to the good stuff, what is good about Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts just presents that average joe feel, a place that you are comfortable sitting down, where you can just chill instead of having a laptop out and feel the need to look smart when you go there. The food is comforting at Dunks. If you are running late you can grab a quick, delicious, chocolate frosted donut for less than a dollar, nom nom nom. The coffee is good at Dunkins for the most part, and isn't as strong, so it is a great place for coffee new comers to get a jolt of energy/caffeine, instead of doing some kind of drug for energy! There is also a good flavor selection at Dunkins and the ability to mix something like caramel and french vanilla is pretty awesome, a sugar rush for sure. With Starbucks they do have a few flavors, but not as many. However, new flavors at Starbucks are fantastic. It's winter time and you want to grab a peppermint latte to put you in the Christmas mood, hell yeah, you can do that, so delicious. The quality is always spot on at Starbucks, they will almost never mess your order up and their branding is sophisticated and clean. When I used to walk into class with my Starbucks cup, I just knew people where thinking, "Damn, Amanda looks really chic today, she must of done her hair differently today." Starbucks equals a new view for you! You are no longer an average joe, class clown, you are Donald Trump and perceived as someone in the stock market.

    After all of these facts, I have come to a conclusion.  It was most definitely tough because I do love Starbucks, but I feel like I am committed to Dunkins because of my frequent trips there.  Dunkins is uncommitted to you sometimes as a customer and Starbucks rips you off.  Which one would I rather go with?  Drum Roll Please… it just has to be Dunkin Donuts.  It’s classic, and America really does run on it.  As much as I love Starbucks I see it as more of a treat, like a Christmas present because there is no way I can afford the stuff every day.  But who knows this debate could go on for decades; there will really never be a clear decision.