Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Awkward Crunch..

      11:47 p.m. and my next class starts at 12 p.m., crap I am starving right now, but definitely don't have time to eat and sit down.  I have to take food to go and eat it during class.. hm... okay I have to go with my favorite food in the Callahan Dining Hall the panini... duh.  But when having a panini, it's a must to get Cape Cod chips with it.  Here we go, my Media Class begins and the only noise that I hear is my professor talking, but I'm so hungry I have to eat, even though the whole class will probably hear me eating.  Whatever, I begin to eat, doing my thang, thinking I'm being pretty quiet... until I look around and the whole class is staring at me... damn you awkward crunch.  The crunch cannot be avoided, you can't hide from it, chips are going to make a crunching sound in your mouth, sometimes you can't hear it because of the noise around you, and sometimes, such as in class, you can. 

So here is my advice on how to avoid.. the awkward crunch:
  • when selecting classes make sure to schedule them between eating times; for example I enjoy eating lunch around 12 because my school only serves lunch from 11:30 until 1:30, unfortunately, I have class at 12.. awkward
  • try to get your teacher off topic, talk about Snooki's recent drunk endeavours, therefore creating the sensation of making other students want to participate and create some havic/distraction in the class! who doesn't like that!
  • you should probably avoid getting chips for an in class snack, maybe go for jello or soup, then again you may start drooling or the food may drip from your mouth.. not a good way to attract the men yah know?
  • just starve yourself! why not join the anorexic group in your college! sounds like fun right?
  • you could just eat after your class, but when you're hungry, no class will stop you!
Overall, no one wants to be that person munching in the middle of a class with everyone staring at them, possibly making a mess. Everyone has been that person or has witnessed the horrific event. Then again it can be fun to make everyone feel as awkward as possible with your loud food condition!  Do your thang and satisfy the tummy.

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    1. Not eating during class is a smart idea, I always try to drink something if I have an empty stomach