Monday, November 14, 2011

Secret Restaurant Menus?!

So we all know of typical menus such as, Mcdonalds (Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets), Burger King (The Whopper), Wendy's (Frosty's and Natural Sea Salt Fries), and Subway (Healthy Subs/$5 Footlong), BUT I'm sure that some people are unaware that these fast food chains actually have secret menus that they do not advertise to the public.  This could be because 1. they are probably extremely unhealthy and you will die on the spot if you eat some of these items 2. they are for holiday events only or 3. they would possibly disgust customers and cause them to run out of the restaurant instantly.  So here are some of the items that have been kept secret on the menu's of the following places:

Barnyard: Spicy chicken sandwich topped with ham, bacon and beef, seperated by cheese... yum...
Grand Slam: A large burger with four meat patties (shown below)

Burger King
Frings: This order will give you half french fries and half onion rings (the decision is made for you!)
Rodeo Burger: A large double cheeseburger with onion rings and smothered in bbq sauce
Suicide Burger: Four meat patties with four slices of cheese, topped with strips of bacon throughout the sandwich, and a secret sauce that is unknown to the general public

from top to bottom: Suicide Burger, Rodeo Burger

Pie McFlurry: A pie blended into a McFlurry... hm...
Land, Sea & Air Burger: A beef patty, chicken patty, and fillet-o-fish patty all piled high onto a bun
McGangBang: A double cheeseburger with a chicken patty in between the two beef patties EPIC
Monster Mac: OMG a Big Mac composed of eight beef patties and extra cheese (heart attack after a bite?)
Mc10:35: half egg McMuffin and half double cheeseburger.
From top to bottom: McGangBang, Monster Mac, Mc10:35

Pizza Sub: A sub which combines cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce (not healthy like most of their menu today, but hey why not splurge at a healthy alternative place)

I don't know if peoples' minds are blown like mine was, but crazy how these chains have secret menus.  Now when you go to any of these places I know you will feel the urge to order these items.  Give it a go!  If the worker looks at you like your crazy, keep trying and convince them to make you this product, if they refuse you can always say "Can I speak to your manager." BOOM now they gotta, so get out there, do your thang, and go a little food crazy.

PS if you try the products beware of heart attacks on the spot
If you are looking for more secret menus check out 


  1. Is this for real? I don't even really like fast food, but feel like I might need to go and try out one of these secret menu orders! :)


  2. haha I was thinking the same exact thing! maybe not the Monster Mac though...