Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh Em Gee Something New is Brewin' at Dunkins'

    Yes, Dunkin Donuts has a new drink to warm your heart and your head.  A drink that will remain permanent on the Dunkins' menu.  You may have heard of the delicious warm drinks at Dunkins' such as, Vanilla Chai, the White Hot Chocolate or the AMAZING Dunkaccino (a personal favorite of mine).  Sigh, the Dunkaccino, the unique blend of coffee and hot chocolate, in my past I may have a had a slight addiction to the drink, as it is absolutely fantastic and makes me smile. BUT, as it is tough for me to talk about my past love with the hot beverage, I have had to move on.  And boy have I moved on... my new love is for Dunkin Donuts new MINT HOT CHOCOLATE, yes people I said mint.  It is so scrumptiousdelicious, and everyone out there has to try this new product, but hey no rush, as it will be there for a long time.  This products reminds me of when you go to Olive Garden and they give you those super-duper mint chocolates at the end of your meal, you know what I'm saying? It is just like this but, in hot heaven form!

     Okay, maybe I am obsessed with mint products, as I will give a little history of my likings.  My personal favorite ice cream flavor has to be Mint Chocolate Chip as it is nice and cold, the mint flavor cools your mouth down but the chocolate chips are still in there to give some depth.  One my favorite candies has to be the traditional York Mint Patty, the dark chocolate enrobed peppermint confection which is just the perfect snack to light up your mouth.  And last, but not least, LifeSaver Wint-O-Green mints, they not only freshen your breath to a heavenly scent, but they are also fun to eat.  SO, if you like any of these products or even peppermint candy canes that just happen to complete your Christmas season, then try Mint Hot Chocolate.  Holiday spirit is brewing and if you aren't doing then you are missing out!

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