Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Is Wendy's So Damn Delicious

Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, you know what, what about Wendy's?!  Wendy's seems to be forgotten sometimes which breaks my heart because almost everything on their menu is absolutely delicious! Burger King and Mcdonalds are the most well-known fast food chain in the world, but lets talk about my favorite food chain, Wendy's.  Lets start with their burgers, THEY ARE SQUARE! I believe this is a key secret to why they are so delicious.  The meat is always fresh with refreshing toppings, and they don't just have one good burger, they have many, and they have been stepping up their game with recent products such as the Baconator.  Their chicken premium sandwhiches, just great.  Plump and juicy, two words to describe their chicken sandwhiches. I especially love the Spicy Chicken Sandwhich which has a special zing and dipping it into their delicious honey mustard.  Some people may or may have not noticed that honey mustard usually differs in taste and texture from place to place, but the kind that Wendy's uses, I would give it an A+ in both taste and texture.  I highly enjoy dipping their delicious french fries into the sauce, and making the taste that much better.  Speaking of fries, their new Natural-Cut French Fries with Sea Salt... YES PLEASE.  I don't know what it is about them, but they are perfect in their crispiness, saltiness, and flavorness, and the fact that they are perfect to dip in a Chocolate Frosty is another story.  But not only does Wendy's have fries like every other fast food restaurant but they have baked potatoes, BAKED POTATOES. How cool is that, that a fast food place has baked potatoes.  Personally I have never tried them for the fries are too delicious to pass up, but they look yummy and have three different types of baked potatoes, including a Bacon Cheese one... yum.  I could talk about their meals forever, but their Frosty's are too important to skip and I must move on.

Wendy's Frosty's have to be one of my FAVORITE things in the world, condsidering I am a huge milkshake/ice cream fan.  They have for sure, stepped up their game.  Yes, their classic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes are thick and delicious for some fry dipping, but now they have so much more... Frost Parfaits, Frosty Shakes and Frosty Floats are all options now.  UHM how exciting this stuffs so yummy.  Wild Berry Frosty Shake is so good I mean just look at it, it has the taste of a milkshake, but yet makes your mind think you're being healthy because the shake title includes "berry." They also have the Caramel Apple Frosty Parfait... more fruit at Wendy's?! YES so good with its caramel covered apples mixed in with thick vanilla ice cream. And lets not forget about the classic Oreo Frosty Parfait, every fast food place has to have Oreo's and don't worry Wendy's has it (as you can see it's very aesthetically appealing).  Overall, Wendy's is so yummy and suprisingly does not give me that "slob-like" feeling after eating a meal, like that of Mcdonalds.  They have stepped up in the fast food chain competition and have created a ton of new commercials that I actually enjoy to watch.  So people, get off your couch and get your bootay to Wendy's because it's just that good.

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